Raymond Williams MLC

Response to a letter on government transparency, September 2012.

I am aware of the need to have openness and transparency for local activities undertaken by SHG, legislation, public awareness etc. My firm belief is that SHG has in the past made available information related to Council Committees, through the local media, the website and by upgrading the news media package. It should also be borne in mind that releasing information to the local media is very often distorted by misplacement of the original wording, thus giving a completely different intention of the matter by inducing such negative approach.

In reality it has always been the intention of SHG to inform the Public of Meetings in advance, produce minutes of the meetings for public viewing, and make available such information available on the SHG website. ALL information of a private and confidential nature should not be disclosed to the Public in any form. I am convinced that members of the Public are privileged to make enquiries from any SHG Directorate through the secretary of such Committee. I see no need to comment any further on Openness and Transparency which I feel is adequate for St Helena.

With regard to a Freedom of Information Ordinance, this could be a move for the future, BUT unsure who would benefit.

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