Brian Isaac MLA

Response to a letter on government transparency, September 2012.

Having  read your email and given  some thought to your concerns, I  do apologise for not responding earlier, but to share my thoughts with you on openness  within the corridors of  Government, I have found that during the my last three terms  as a member of   Council , Government has made a lot of  progress in  becoming more open  and transparent in their affairs  and I agree, we do need to improve in some areas , but  living in a small community  sometimes it is not as easy as in other territories or larger communities where certain sensitive issues do need to be managed professionally.

I agree, that for St Helena to be developed  financially and commercially,  transparency needs to be   paramount  both locally and internationally, where the Media is expected to take the leading role in the dissemination of factual information to the wider community,    which reinforces  stronger partnerships between  Government and  the Media, where  a level playing is important.

I agree reports and   minutes of committee meetings be published, including  Ex-Co , formal and informal Leg-co minutes along with  agendas being published  in advanced of meetings,  which is currently the practice by most committees. but sensitive and commercial in confidential  matters along with  individuals  confidentiality, again,  needs to be protected.

I have no concerns with  starting  a dialogue with the public on the freedom of information legislation as this will affect us all from time to time.

I hope I  have been of some assistance  and wish you well with your Campaign on such an important topic.

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