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Catering expert Gillian cites need for cold food storage

St Helena’s lack of a cold store for keeping food fresh has been identified as a problem for the island’s growing catering industry.

Hospitality adviser Gillian Scott Moore, who is setting up a temporary training restaurant in Jamestown, refers to the problem on her internet journal.

Her blog describes the race to buy imported fresh fruit as soon as it arrives in the island shops – and how someone later hissed from the doorway of a closed shop that she had a hidden supply.

“The island has no cold store,” she writes, “so everything that comes off the ship has to be stored by individuals in their own fridges.

“The ship takes five days to come from Cape Town, so the ripening process is already a week gone by when the RMS gets to Jamestown.

“How this is going to impact my training restaurant I can only guess, and plan accordingly.

“I think even with the arrival of an airport there is a need for more cold storage on the island.”

Read Gillian’s blog here. And read about her love of St Helena lemons in The Column (21 November 2012).


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