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Castle stair tower needs repair, says Trust

The Castle courtyard, before restoration

The stair tower at The Castle in Jamestown is collapsing, reports the St Helena National Trust. It will have to be rebuilt because of damage from leaking gutters.

But the Trust says sees a positive in this. ‘The opportunity can be seized to reinforce the island’s heritage by rebuilding the tower in the original cut red stone masonry, with its fine white mortar joints – thinner than a pencil.

‘Young Saint masons can be taught to replicate the skills of their forefathers and the tower can once again shine out as a stunning, bright red testament to the skill of the island’s craftsmen.’

It points to the success of last year’s restoration of the Castle courtyard by Gerald Philips, Eric Henry and Nicholas Phillips – “the first substantial traditional cobbling on the island in decades.’

Visit the St Helena Trust website here.

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