Candidates wanted for ‘difficult job’ on council

A Writ of Election has been published following the resignation of legislative councillor Michael Benjamin.

Anyone on the register of electors can be nominated to replace him, but voting will only be open to people in the West electoral area.

In his new column in The Sentinel, Michael said: “Being a councillor is an extremely difficult and complicated job.

“You must balance the immediate needs of your constituents whilst trying to establish strategies and policies that will benefit the island as a whole, both now and in the future. They do this with limited funds and a paymaster that is continuously looking over their shoulders.”

He says new policies on land reform, tax and immigration, though unpopular, are vital to the island’s future wellbeing.

Nominations for the vacant council set close at noon on Wednesday, 16 May, 2012. If an election is needed it will take place on Wednesday 13 June.

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