Can top financier make money for a rock in the ocean?

Pitcairn flag - the Union Flag in top corner, blue background, and a crest featuring an anchorOne of the world’s richest men is being asked to come to the aid of one of its poorest – and smallest – island communities.

The mayor of Pitcairn has warned that the island is in danger of becoming unsustainable if its population falls any further. It is home to fewer than 60 people, mostly descended from the famous Bounty mutineers.

But it may be difficult for Warren Buffett to see how he can offer financial advice to the Pacific islanders, given that his expertise is in investment and the tiny British territory doesn’t have a stock market.

Mr Buffett has been invited to attend a conference in August, at the suggestion of the Pitcairn Islands Study Center, part of Pacific Union College in California.

By chance, the centre is only a 16-minute drive from the Napa Valley town that shares its name with another British island – St Helena.

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