‘Bring back the Indy’ campaign launched on Facebook

The front page of the final St Helena independent.A Facebook campaign has been launched to press for the relaunch of the St Helena Independent, despite new competition from the government-funded Sentinel.

Owner Mike Olsson announced that the 30 March 2012 issue would be the last. He said the paper would not be viable because St Helena Government (SHG) was to transfer its advertising and other financial support to the new title.

The Facebook campaign is the idea of John Turner, who runs the Burgh House business consultancy.

He said:  “The purpose of the campaign is to give people a way to show support for restarting The Independent.

“Making The Independent viable with the withdrawal of government advertising would be a challenge but not necessarily impossible. If people show their support I hope it will encourage Mike to look for a way.”

The closure was debated at a specially-convened meeting of the Chamber of Commerce’s council, Wednesday 4 April 2012.

Hazel Wilmot, owner of The Consulate Hotel in Jamestown, has called for the president and vice president of the chamber to resign over their role in launching a government-subsidised title in competition with a private business.

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  1. The campaign is a good idea, but if the Saint Helena Government is really trying to force SaintFm out of business it has the financial muscle to do so. But why is it doing so? Is there a good reason or is this just a personal vendetta being funded by taxpayers’ money (including mine!) It certainly looks that way. I think the Saint Helena Government needs to publish its reasons for setting up SHBC and as far as I can see, it hasn’t ever don so.

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