Basil Read ship arrives off Jamestown

The Basil Read ship at anchor, with local boats in the foreground of the picture
The Basil Read ship has brought construction equipment for the airport project.

The supply ship for St Helena’s airport project has arrived off the island for the first of what promise to be many visits.

The NP Glory 4 turns into James Bay, dwarfed by the scale of cliffs
HARD TO PORT: NP Glory 4 turns into James Bay

A gallery of pictures of the ship sweeping into James Bay has been published on the St Helena Air Access website, here. It will be updated as unloading progresses.

Members of the crew of the NP Glory 4 – known as the Basil Read ship, after the airport contractor – went ashore soon after arrival in James Bay.

On Wednesday, 11 July 2012, the ship is due to become the first ever to dock at the island.

St Helena’s airport supply ship, en route to a place in history
Airport supply ship set to make island history

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