This blog site was originally maintained by Simon Pipe. In June 2020 Simon decided that he would no longer continue to maintain the site and he was happy to close this St Helena online chapter. In June 2020 St Helena online was transferred to Johnny Clingham who was keen to keep all of the documented content as it covered some key events on St Helena.  Simon pressed his first blog post on the site on 24th October 2011 “It’s a long way to Half Tree Hollow… so why am I blogging?”  and by February 2018 some 1200 blog post later was what made Simons successful St Helena online.


The St Helena online enthusiast

Simon Pipe

Simon a former print and BBC journalist spent five months on St Helena in 1996/7, when he wrote for the St Helena News and broadcast a weekly programme on Radio St Helena. Simon subsequently served a brief stint as producer/presenter of the now-defunct BBC World Service programme, calling the Falklands. A return trip to St Helena in 2009 resulted in a dispatch for the BBC Radio 4 programme, From Our Own Correspondent, here, and a report for the BBC News website, Simon also helped island students make a video report that received extensive national exposure as part of the BBC News School Report project – it’s also on YouTube.

Johnny Clingham

Johnny who is a born and bread Saint Helenian and now lives abroad, but continues to contribute a lot to the St Helena community. Johnny is an IT Consultant by trade. he is the online and technical guru who spend a lot of his valuable time helping behind the scenes of keeping Saint FM community radio alive, Johnny runs his own St Helena Podcast also he represents Dive Saint Helena in Europe. as well as a keen contributor to St Helena Tourism and also champions anything towards promoting St Helena online you will find him at most St Helena promotional events in the UK. he is your go to for anything from getting to and where to stay on St Helena.