MPs hear ‘plans exist’ to reinforce Falklands

Britain has plans in place to rush armed forces to the South Atlantic if ever it felt the Falkland Islands were under threat, MPs in London have been told.

But it must be ‘prepared and capable’ to defend the islands without the help of other nations, said Defence Secretary Philip Hammond in the House of Commons on Monday.

He was commenting on revived tensions between Argentina and the UK, following claims in Buenos Aires about ‘increased militarisation’ of the islands.

‘Despite media speculation to the contrary, there has been no recent change to force levels,’ said Mr Hammond – quoted in The Daily Telegraph. ‘There is no evidence of any current credible military threat to the security of the Falkland Islands and therefore no current plan for significant changes to force deployments.

‘However, Her Majesty’s Government is committed to defending the right of the Falkland islanders to self-determination, and plans exist for rapid reinforcement of the land, sea and air forces in and around the islands, should any such threat appear.’

The Mirror picks up on Mr Hammond’s line that Britain must be prepared to stand alone in defence of the islands. It says he told MPs he hoped other countries would give support, but that ‘cannot be our planning scenario’.

‘Strong statements of support from any of our allies would always be helpful. But I think the realistic situation is the defence of the Falkland Islands is a task the UK must be prepared and capable to undertake alone if necessary.’
Upland goose-pimples
In The Guardian, sketch writer Simon Hoggart takes a gently mocking line: ‘If I were having a quiet noggin in the Upland Goose, Port Stanley, reading what [Mr Hammond] had to say over a pint and a muttonburger, my considered response would be “aaargh!”‘

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  1. There is no immediate military threat from Argentina. Since 1983 Argentina spends less than 1% of GDP on the military, while Britain spends 2.7% of its GDP on the military. Its main attack arsenal is 30 years old.

    However I do believe that Argentina will unthrottle its military spending in the near future and build up its capability. Without an aircraft carrier the UK would not be able to retake the island, hence the need for a strong deterrent.

    I cover this issue in my post: Old Britannia Fades Away.

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