£46,000 a year to make island finances more transparent

An adviser is being recruited to help deal with weaknesses in St Helena’s public services. The job will include making the island’s budget system more transparent.

The £46,000-a-year role is to guide the modernising of public service on the island – in an affordable way. It includes developing a new approach to budgeting, looking to the medium term future.

The advertisement says the job includes “improving transparency” and “addressing existing gaps and weaknesses”. It will also involve testing the soundness of financial systems, and educating senior staff.

It says St Helena Government seeks someone experienced in public service reform, ideally in a small island setting, with “a confident and pleasant demeanour”.


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Modernisation adviser – job advert

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  1. Given that the St. Helena Government has no formal policy on Transparency, just putting “improving transparency” in a job description means nothing. Moving from 0.1% transparent to 0.2% transparent would be an improvement, but still falls far short of what the people of St. Helena deserve.

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