Forensics evidence sent to UK in Falklands desecration case

The Virgin statue peers out from behind toughened glass that bears the marks of being struck several times
Several attempts were made to smash a glass case

Forensic scientists in the UK are being asked to help police investigate a vandalism attack at the Argentinian war cemetery in the Falklands. They have been sent material from the East Darwin site.

Officers have also asked for help from Buenos Airies to trace the origin of a copy of The Bible with a Spanish inscription.

It was found at the vandalism site, reports the Mercopress news service. 

Toughened glass protecting a Virgin statue at the graveyard was smashed in the attack. It is now reported that nothing was stolen from the protective case, but the Bible was found inside it.

Spanish inscription, signed Viviana
The hand-written inscription, signed by “Viviana”

It had previously been left outside the case, wedged open in a plastic cover.

Mercopress also reports that the glass cabinet was attacked several times with a blunt instrument before the glass gave way, as revealed in a photograph released by the police.

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  1. “To the soldiers that, with great bravery, shared their hearts with my family. I wish for this [object] to serve as a blessing and as company, as it did with me”.

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