Falklands could help charities in Argentina – Branson

Falklands oil wealth could be shared with charities in Argentina, says the UK billionaire Sir Richard Branson.

He makes the suggestion in a blog post filed from ‘beautiful Argentina’, in which he reflects on the brutality of the regime that invaded the Falklands 30 years ago, but also killed 30,000 of its own people and stole babies from murdered women.

It is too soon for islanders to be expected to contemplate being ruled from Argentina, he writes, but if the country remains a democracy in future decades it might be possible. Imposing embargoes on trade will not help.

In the meantime, he says, he has one suggestion: ‘That is that the islanders consider using some of their royalties from any oil that is found around the Falklands to help charities in Argentina.

‘It would be a good gesture and it is always right to help one’s neighbours. And if the oil finds are considerable, the islanders would be well able to afford it.’

Sir Richard is on his way to Antarctica with Al Gore, the man who won the presidential vote in America but didn’t get the job. Read Sir Richard’s blog here.

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  1. Mike says:

    IF and only IF the Argies tone down the rhetoric should they be considered the beneficiaries of whatever oil bounty the Falkland Islanders decide to provide under the same free will that keeps them British.

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