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Monster wharf crane is shipped out in pieces

Getting a 70-tonne vehicle up to St Helena’s airport site was challenging enough – but the crawler crane shipped out from Walvis Bay weighs in at three times that. The 230-tonne monster had to be dismantled into 33 sections to … Continue reading

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Time-lapse videos recall historic landing

Look back to a key moment in St Helena’s airport project by watching two time-lapse videos of the NP Glory 4 becoming the first ocean-going ship ever to dock on the island, in July 2012. The first, by Scott Stander, … Continue reading

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Read the full aid mission report for St Helena

The aide memoire signed at the end of the annual visit of advisers from the UK serves as a state-of-the-island report for St Helena. The Development Aid Planning Mission 2014 report covers key aspects of life such as health, education, … Continue reading

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St Helena needs ‘new hospital and new health service,’ says Ian

Health leaders have been given six months to make a case for building a new hospital on St Helena. But Ian Rummery, chairman of the island’s public health committee, has called for wholesale reform. “The case we have to make … Continue reading

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Hospital and child safety highlighted as aid talks end

An aid grant of £13.55 million is being recommended for St Helena for year 2014/15 – a slight rise of £150,000 on the current year. That is a drop in real terms, once inflation is taken into account, but St … Continue reading

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UK ‘doesn’t even know’ about island eco threats, say MPs

The UK has been accused by a Westminster committee of failing to protect endangered plants and creatures in its overseas territories. The Environmental Audit Committee said the UK was not taking proper responsibility for the 517 globally threatened species in … Continue reading

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Ex-Broadmoor psychiatrist visits St Helena inmates

Serious offenders have been visited in St Helena’s prison by a specialist psychiatrist. Dr Tim McInerny – who also works on the Falklands – has been brought in to help prisoners avoid re-offending when they are released. He carried out … Continue reading

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Drive carefully: land crabs crossing

The following Twitter message links to a nice picture: Highway code on Ascension takes land crabs in to account — UKOTCF (@UKOTCF) January 13, 2014

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Colin and David fly the flags in Afghanistan

Ascension and St Helena may be small islands, but their people play a part on the world stage – and here’s a picture that proves it. It shows Colin Benjamin and David Leo posing with the flags of their home … Continue reading

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WHAAAAaaaat? Writer’s accolade for St Helena coffee

Coffee writer Maja Wallengren’s cup was fairly flowing over when she reviewed the product of St Helena’s estates on her SpillingTheBeans website. Now she has declared it her Coffee of the Year. She really was keen. “SpillingTheBeans can hardly contain … Continue reading

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