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Exams are plain sailing for students on floating school

The world’s oldest full-rigged sailing ship has arrived in St Helena’s James Bay – after a voyage that saw trainee crew members sitting their school exams at sea. They also had an encounter with a very bloated blowfish. The Sørlandet, 64-metres … Continue reading

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Simplicity makes Ladder Hill life so beautiful, writes Doreen

People living in Ladder Hill Fort have been warned they may have to move out in two years, to make way for a hotel. Writer DOREEN GATIEN, now living in California, cherishes her memories of a barracks childhood. Click here … Continue reading

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Killer diabetes puts island under strain, says the Castle

A rapid rise in diabetes cases is putting putting massive pressure on St Helena’s economy – as well as wrecking lives. The island now has one of the worst rates of type 2 diabetes in the world, per head of … Continue reading

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Jamestown Vision: one misconception after another…

Strong remarks about the Jamestown Vision plan have caused upset and embarrassment after being published by St Helena Online and in the St Helena Independent. Our story accurately reflected concerns about the way the proposals had been drawn up, and … Continue reading

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Airport could transform St Helena race, Billy tells yachting mag

The opening of St Helena’s airport could triple the number of entries in the island’s biennial race from South Africa, according to a seven-page spread in Yachting World magazine. Its article, headlined The Greatest Ocean Race You’ve Never Heard Of, … Continue reading

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Glasgow 2014: Commonwealth Games baton relay route unveiled

From BBC News Scotland The Commonwealth baton will spend four days on board RMS St Helena as it crosses the South Atlantic Ocean from South Africa to St Helena. The RMS is to arrive Feb 19, 2014. The final relay … Continue reading

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Waste management – the answer for remote islands

St Helena’s new scheme to manage its waste – including recycling – gets a mention in an article in Waste Management World. It says small islands “simply could not support the development of this sort of facility without external funding … Continue reading

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Are there places more British than the UK?

The Falkland Islands are not the only far-off territory to still feel British, writes Vanessa Barford in the BBC News Magazine. While the world’s media focuses on the referendum on the Falklands, she says the 4,200 people on St Helena also … Continue reading

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How Napoleon could have escaped exile by submarine: Smuggler ‘was offered £40,000’ to rescue emperor from St Helena

Tom Johnson claimed he was offered £40,000 in 1820 to rescue Napoleon Emperor exiled by British to heavily-guarded St Helena after Waterloo loss Escape plan involved mechanical chair and Napoleon putting on disguise But Johnson’s craft was ‘intercepted on Thames’ … Continue reading

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Only 98.8% vote Yes to Falklands staying British

Celebrations have taken place at the Whalebone Arch in Stanley in the wake of the overwhelming (but not surprising) vote in favour of the Falkland Islands remaining a British overseas territory. It is understood that only a small number of … Continue reading

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