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Climate change puts UK territories in danger, warns minister

Climate change is jeopardising the future of some of Britain’s overseas territories and could leave islands ‘completely cut off,’ a UK government report has warned. Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman says in the report: ‘The environmental challenges which our overseas territories face are… threatening the … Continue reading

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Land deal drawn up for luxury hotel

Plans for a luxury hotel on St Helena have moved a step forward, with developer Shelco about to be given permission to buy land for the project. A draft agreement has been approved by executive councillors, to be signed by … Continue reading

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Napoleon book’s neat slogan for St Helena

How do you describe St Helena in a slogan that’ll catch the attention of would-be tourists? There was a debate about this a couple of years ago. I can’t remember the outcome, but I’ve just been reminded of a neat … Continue reading

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Falklands wealth: a glimpse of St Helena’s future? Maybe that’s going a bit far…

St Helenians might look with envy to their South Atlantic cousins, just over the horizon (and a bit) on the Falkland Islands. There’s prosperity on those windswept hills – and no one seems to mourn for hard times, now gone. … Continue reading

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Film makers focus on the Falkland spirit

Two young film makers are planning to cross the Falkland Islands to try to record the lives of islanders. Jamie Gallant and Vern Cummins – one American, one a Brit – fly out in June, in the depths of the … Continue reading

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Petition launched for high-speed web link

A petition has been launched to secure high-speed internet access for St Helena – where 4,000 people currently share less bandwidth than you’d find in many UK homes. It’s been set up by St Helena’s ICT teacher, James Greenwood, on … Continue reading

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Tristan’s link with the lost continent

Scientists say the birth of the island of Tristan da Cunha may be linked to the break up of Gondwanaland, the improbably-named super-continent that once covered much of the Southern Hemisphere. On 17 January 2012 a team from Germany set … Continue reading

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A long way to go for a capuccino…

Comment on Twitter, the micro-blogging website: Trying to calculate: at what point will it be too late to arrange living out my days running a Starbucks on Tristan da Cunha?

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Who wants to go to an island where iPhones don’t work?

St Helena’s dismal internet connection will deter people from travelling to the island when its airport is built, according to a telecoms blogger in Germany. Martin Sauter, “a thought leader” in the industry, is aghast that St Helena’s 4,000 residents … Continue reading

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Island media, 20 January 2012

Military interest in the airport (or not) – representation in the UK Parliament – underwater heritage – a Falklands cruise row – points mean immigration – cargo ship concerns – SHG breaches its planning rules – a ban on pets … Continue reading

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