Best stories of 2012: October to December

The party continued on St Helena as the island moved into summer, with High Knoll Fort being turned into a haunted castle at Hallowe’en, and the ever-popular carnival parade. And aerial views of the island were taken from a paraglider and the NASA space station.

Search dog Poppy wins award for finding missing child

9 October 2012: The search dog that found missing three-year-old Ziggy Joshua has been given a commendation certificate for reuniting him with his parents. St Helena’s deputy fire chief, Alan Thomas, has told how he asked for one of Paul Laban’s trained dogs to … Continue reading →

Welcome to The Castle Hotel… your chamber awaits

12 October 2012: The Castle in Jamestown, the seat of power on St Helena for centuries, may soon be seating 50 for breakfast. And the grand council chamber could become a chamber of a different kind under a proposal … Continue reading →

Saint doctor Petrina contemplates a home visit

20 October 2012: Petrina Williams, the first ever island-educated St Helenian qualify as a doctor, is contemplating returning home to practise in Jamestown. But even after five years of university study and another five in training in the UK, she says will still … Continue reading →

Flying Frenchman takes off in ‘overgrown pushchair’

23 October, 2012: They’re used to seeing flying machines at the motocross track beyond Longwood. But Rémi Bruneton’s paraglider was a step up from briefly-airborne motorbikes. Bikers and spectators all stared as he flew a wide circuit before heading back to Francis Plain. On … Continue reading →

After 150-plus years, Gentleman Jonathan gets his privacy

31 October 2012: St Helena’s “creakingly old national treasure,” Jonathan the tortoise, will soon be protected from over-enthusiastic tourists, in an effort to extend the long life of the oldest known creature in the world. Work has started on building a fenced walkway at Plantation House to … Continue reading →

Screams pierce the night in High Knoll haunting

28 October 2012: The blood-soaked, knife-wielding maniac who lunged out of the darkness gave a whole new meaning to the term, “family butcher.” The Hallowe’en haunting of St Helena’s High Knoll Fort was declared “a fantastic night” by Nick Stevens.  Continue reading →

Bunny girls, bikers and dozens of dancers throng Jamestown

28 October 2012: Only hours after dressing up for an early Hallowe’en party at High Knoll Fort, people were donning colourful fancy dress for St Helena’s annual carnival. What looked like hundreds of clowns, human insects, bunny girls and dancers of various kinds … Continue reading →

How an absent governor returned to St Helena, 230 years on

2 November 2012: A chance discovery has led to a former governor of St Helena taking his rightful place on the island, 230 years after he sailed away with his Saint wife. Here, New Zealander DAVID NICOLL tells how he tracked down his ancestor’s … Continue reading

Cricket heroes are capped for St Helena

4 November 2012: St Helena’s cricket heroes have been presented with their first international caps – donated by an overseas Saint who was inspired by their achievements in South Africa in April 2012. Continue reading →

Home-grown roofing; just the business for an eco Saint

8 November 2012: The walls might be imported from overseas, but the roofing for the new Wirebird Hills hotel will be truly St Helenian. It’s to be grown on the island. And Linda Houston, of developer Shelco, says it could turn into a truly … Continue reading →

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Island ensures memories of the fallen live forever

12 November 2012: A cutting from one of St Helena’s endemic plants formed part of a wreath that stood out among the hundreds laid at the base of The Cenotaph in London on Remembrance Sunday. Old Man Live Forever was one of the plants … Continue reading →

Tristanians build an old-style cottage – with a flax roof

27 November, 2012: Pensioners on Tristan da Cunha have completed a project to build a stone cottage in the style that was used in the earliest days of the island’s settlement. Earlier this month, 40 men gathered to give the cottage a roof of … Continue reading →

Swirling spectacle over St Helena – visible from space

3 December 2012: There’s much talk of St Helena becoming a holiday destination for astronomers, but on cloudy days, perhaps there’s an alternative possibility: Cloud tourism. An amazing array of stars can be seen in the island’s unpolluted skies. But when the clouds come, they can produce an amazing spectacle … Continue reading →

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On this day in history: St Helena and an ordeal at sea

6 December 2012: On 6 December 1875, three seamen were landed at Jamestown. They had spent at least ten days on the ocean in an open boat, and they were the only survivors of a fire that broke out on board the emigrant … Continue reading →

Santa delivers to four-year-old Sean – on a yacht

26 December 2012: Father Christmas manages to deliver presents to children even when they are at sea in a yacht race. The youngest competitor in the 2012 Governor’s Cup race is reported to have been untroubled to spend Christmas Day … Continue reading →

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New Year’s honour for Ascension’s ‘Mrs Everything’ – Caz Yon

29 December 2012: Caroline ”Caz” Yon has been awarded an MBE in the 2013 New Year Honours list, for services to the community on Ascension Island. Caz was recently described by a visiting writer as an “extraordinary woman – five careers on the island: Veterinarian, Driver, … Continue reading →


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